BUNDLE 2 – Softcover & Te Reo Māori Memory Cards


Beautiful Foil Embellished Softcover Book PLUS Te Reo Māori Memory Card Set.

A nostalgic & educational gift, the Te Reo ori Memory Cards are based on the delightful & encouraging story of ‘The Great New Zealand Bear Hunt’ by Rachael Neale, and it will delight both the young, and the young at heart.

Enjoy the iconic memory game we all know and love, and learn Te Reo Māori with helpful pronunciation tools.

Proceeds from every sale help families in need.

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Softcover Book:
This delightful & encouraging story uses a significant world event to provide wellbeing tools & video adventures for families & children via interactive QR Codes.

Throughout the world during the COVID-19 Crisis, a beautiful thing happened. Caring teddy bears everywhere came up with a way to encourage their communities, and to help families learn how to cope with the changes that were happening all around them.
This is the story of The Great New Zealand Bear Hunt!
Use the special QR Codes inside the book to access helpful wellbeing resources, and to take you on adventures with the bears from Anthony’s Windows.

Memory Card Game:
Enjoy the iconic memory game we all know and love, and learn Te Reo Māori with helpful pronunciation tools.

I played the Memory game with my boys last night.
They are 
5 and 9 and they loved it!
Heaps of fun, very cute and a decent level of difficulty too. 

Tessa R.

  • Memory Game:
    This game is a great family card game.
    Younger players are often able to compete with older players because they can be very good at memory-based games.
  • Language Flashcards:
    A great way to have fun with Tamariki on their language journey.
    Use the special language card with QR Code to go to the online Māori Dictionary to look up as many words as you want to learn, and click the volume icon to listen to the correct pronunciation of each word.


30% of proceeds from the sale of this product are donated to charities and initiatives supporting kids and families in need.
When purchasing you can choose which charity you would like your purchase to support – See our list of amazing charities here.

Format: Paperback | 28 colour pages with high quality Satin Finishing & Foil Embellishment
Dimensions: 254(w) x 190(h) x 3mm(s)
ISBN: 978-0-473-59501-2
Format: Box Set of 40 Cards | Outer box with Foil Embellishment
38 Memory Cards | 1 QR Code Pronunciation Card | 1 Instructions Card
Dimensions: 90(w) x 90(h) x 15mm(d)

Publisher: Solve Group Limited | www.solvegroup.org
Publication Date: September 2021
Publication country: New Zealand

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